Affirmations That Work June 8, 2010

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If you’ve been around new age-y sort of thought for any length of time, you run into affirmations.

You know, things like, “Money surrounds me” and “I am fulfilling my life’s dream” and so forth.

These are the sort of things you say to yourself to help you visualize your future.  The thinking goes that if you see your dream and step into it and can imagine yourself living it now, it helps create energy to make it come true.

I don’t know about you, but part of me … when I say these things to myself … feels that I’m telling a lie.  However, I’ve been come across a woman who has figured this out, and how to do affirmations that really work.

Maria Nemeth is an author and life coach who has written a couple of great books like The Energy of Money and Mastering Life’s Energies.  From her, I’ve learned the idea of Trouble At The Border.

It’s VERY easy to energize yourself in the metaphysical world … you know, in your mind, in your fantasies, in your visions about your future life.  And, once you’ve done something long enough in REAL life, you’ve got it mastered, and can execute it relatively easily and well.  The trouble comes when you try and bring something from the metaphysical world into the physical world.  There, at the border between the two, is where we run into the most trouble!  That’s where the unexpected happens; that’s where the mistakes happen; that’s where the lapses in judgment happen.  Just like they’re supposed to!

We’re humans.  We’re supposed to run into problems.

That’s how we LEARN!

So, here’s where this comes back to affirmations.  Maria Nemeth’s point is that the most important power we have is to be WILLING.  Are you willing to bring your dreams into existence?  Note that I didn’t ask you know how … or why or when or where … the question is, are you willing?

In your affirmations, express the negativity and doubt, and then express your willingness.  “Even though I feel scared and doubtful about how it will work, I am WILLING to be financially successful.”  “Although part of me wants to look elsewhere, I am WILLING to be committed to my marriage.”  “Even though my kids drive me stark raving nuts at times, I am WILLING to be the best parent I can be.”

This acknowledges what you’re fighting against, and doesn’t try and create a future you’re not ready to totally visualize, but it expresses your greatest power:  your willingness to put something into action.

And go check out Maria Nemeth’s stuff. I hope she clarifies this for you as much as she did for me.


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