HOPE & HEALING May 20, 2010

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Working with psychics and mediums and their clients all day, I tend to group the world into two groups of people.  There are those who automatically think of getting a reading, and those who don’t.  The latter group is much larger than the former, of course.

But just why do people go for their first reading?  You almost always gotta be at some sort of crossroads to start looking for a psychic the first time around.  It’s almost guaranteed that you’re facing something new, something scary, that makes you look for different feedback and solutions.

So, really, when many people are looking for a psychic, they’re looking for Hope.  And Healing.

I understand that, and Soul Buffet is here to commit to your new sense of hope, and your full spiritual healing.  Not only will we have good folks for you to book a session with … we’ll keep you hooked up to reasons for hope and ways to heal.

You’ll see this start to develop over the coming weeks.  To start off with:

here’s your hopeful “Real Secret to Success,” and

here’s your healing vision for today, about Archangel Michael.


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