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I’m a big fan of both EFT and ho’oponopono.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), or “that tapping stuff” (as I’ve been known to call it), was a big part of therapy that freed me from the torture of PTSD.

And ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian spiritual technique for taking responsibility for our own lives and cleaning them up.  It’s both incredibly simple, and multi-layered when you get deeper into it.

So I’ve been spending some time at lately.  Even though the site is a bit cluttered and disorganized, it’s worth spending some time with to see all the stuff they have there.  They have some hypnosis videos and some other techniques and routines that have made a positive difference in how I feel lately.  And that’s saying a lot; I’ve seen a lot of therapeutic and motivational videos that have been enjoyable, but haven’t really been all that change-worthy.

At, they recommend starting with this breathing video:

But I’m probably most impressed with these self-healing resources, which include these videos:

This combination of ho’oponopono and EFT techniques —

This hypnosis video to build self-confidence —

And this video to “reboot your brain,” which always leaves me feeling more clear and focused, no matter what sort of day I’m having —


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