What It’s Like To Get An Intuitive Reading April 8, 2010

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During hard times (economic or otherwise), more people look to intuitives, psychics, mediums and other folks like that for help and guidance with their lives.  I call them Alternative Spiritual Energy Providers.  Working with an ASEP is not like it looks in movies and TV!

  1. It’s a time when you get to explore questions you’ve had with someone who has a completely fresh perspective.
  2. This time is totally focused on you!  Can anyone really tell the future 100% of the time?  No way!  But don’t get a reading to find out what the future holds.  Instead, find out what is going on around you and what you have the potential to do.  It’s liberating to find out what possibilities the future holds!
  3. It’s not weird or creepy.  These are ordinary folks like you and me.  Some people doing this sort of work resisted it before committing to doing it.  It may seem odd to have someone do a reading with you the first time, but it shouldn’t be scary.  No intuitive person who cares about you or the job they do will predict something frightening you can’t do something about.
  4. Keep your judgment.  This is YOUR life you’re talking about.  You have to decide whether what you’re told fits with your life.  When someone is working with you, they may have trouble making sense of something they’re feeling from you.  That can make it hard for them to describe what they’re sensing, so keep your brain engaged, and do some intuiting of your own for the meaning that you need to pick up.
  5. What do you really want to know about?  You don’t need to give a lot of information, but it’ll help get your reading on the best foot if you can say that you’re most concerned about your health, or your family, or your career, or your chances for romance, or some other general area.  You’ll still have a good reading if you just ask to keep it general, but don’t miss your chance to focus on what’s important to you.
  6. You don’t have to have any particular spiritual or religious background to get a reading.  Being open-minded and “open-spirited” helps, though!

You can google your way to finding someone to work with, but pretty soon, we’ll have listings of folks at  People who do intuitive readings often don’t make a lot of money, but still need a way to market themselves.  If you’re an intuitive reader, our plan is to let you list yourself for free, and we’ll ask for your permission to let people book sessions with you via our site, and we’ll tack on a nominal surcharge to make this possible.  Then, we’ll market our site to the general public so you don’t have to do it yourself.

If you’re interested in knowing more about, you can email me here.


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