Manifesting Your Vision April 7, 2010

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Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, having a Vision Board is a cool way to help you focus your goals in life.

If you talk with people who have accomplished big goals, often they’ll say that they wrote down their vision or kept something in sight that reminded them of their commitment to themselves and their work.

So few of us ever get around to writing down our dreams.  But you can still have a Vision Board.

The end result is the same thing as making note of what you want your life to be.  You put your dreams and visions and goals in the form of pictures and words, and keep them someplace where you can look at them frequently.

You can cut out pictures and post them somewhere of what you want … or you can use your computer to build a vision board, and share it with others online.

Even if you look at a vision board that someone else put together, you can sense the energy and drive behind it.  It’s very motivating even to tap into someone else’s dreams and feel the energy!  However, there’s an art to doing them well.  Let me show you a couple that aren’t bad … but that might be more effective if they were more focused and less specific.

This one is from a woman, Jessi, with big dreams.  No problem with that!  She’s dreaming of a big recording career, lots of money, a great place to live, and more.  Jessi, many blessings on you for you to achieve your dreams!  I think, however, that you’re making it more difficult than it needs to be because it’s almost 1o minutes long.  Your vision board could move along faster.  If you still hit the key points but with perhaps fewer pictures or fewer details about each thing you want to manifest, your mind would find it easier to use this board more productively.

This guy from has a vision board posted that is about eight minutes long, and I found it rather long and overly specific, too.  Now, it might not be too long for him; it might be the perfect length for him, and completely on-message for his success plans.  I think there’s a real balancing point between being too vague and too specific … not because the universe can’t handle a lot of details, but you have to use your human brain to help send the message of what you want to manifest.  The more you can train yourself to keep a few key, focused, specific points in your mind, the more you can work on getting those.

However, I do want to give Mr. ManifestYourFortune props for stating his goals in the present tense, so that he can mentally savor and enjoy them even before they come completely true in this particular universe we’re in.

There’s also an argument to be made that you want to focus on the process you will go through as much as the ultimate outcome.  Is it more valuable to say, “I am continually being prospered” as opposed to “I am financially free at age 40?”  The latter is a specific, measurable goal, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be over your head in debt at age 42!  Do some real thinking about what is really important to you, and the process by which you get there.

For instance, here’s one I like a lot from a site where I’ve learned a lot about Ho’oponopono.  You’ll notice some key things about this particular vision board that really work.  It’s a great balance between too general and too specific.  It really moves, too, so that the mind can get picked up and go for a ride on the energy that this board is infused with.  It’s also much more about the process of getting what we want, and giving the mind enough flexibility for the future.  It might be that if we hit our most important goals, our list of secondary stuff we want to manifest will change.

Here’s another good vision board from salondemaria at  I’m partial to this because it’s spiritual in a very practical way.  Personally … and this may be my prejudice … I think it’s much easier to manifest things we want if we can see them being of benefit to the whole universe, as well!  Let’s face it … we get what we want from the universe when we can put it in terms of the universe’s self-interest.  In other words … when we see our interest as inseparable from everyone else’s.

Want to get started making your own vision board?  Here’s a series from on how to put together a good old fashioned, non-computerized one.  There’s plenty of websites and software available online to help you assemble a vision board on your computer, and I’ll let you search through all those options.  If you’re at all proficient with PowerPoint, I think you could put together a mega-spiffy vision board using that program.

I’ll leave you with this good, solid overview of different vision board types, and also this idea … remember to bless your vision board, whether you make it yourself, or view someone else’s.

Blessings on ya and all your goals!


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