He Is Risen, & So Are We April 4, 2010

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So this is Easter, and what have you done?  Another year over and a new one just begun.

It’s Easter morning about 9am, and so far, I’m the only one up in the house.  My wife will soon drag herself out of bed into the shower to get ready for us to go to church, and I’ll make her breakfast.  Our teenage son is probably staying home to sleep in, but he may change his mind at the last minute and join us.

So many thoughts about Easter come to mind.  For traditional Christians, this is the most important holiday of the year, because it shows the redemptive power of God in Christ.  Jesus died for all mankind to ensure them a place in heaven, cleaning the ol’ sin slate in our favor.

As powerful as the idea of a place in heaven is, there’s a lot of power in putting Easter in the here-and-now.  One thing that keeps calling me back about Christianity is the idea that you are not limited by your past.  You can be forgiven.  You can begin again.  Compared to much of human history, this is a truly radical idea, and it’s not one that’s even embraced by all Christians, especially the more punitive ones.

Yeah, sure, you’re holding a seat for me in heaven.  Like the Kenny Chesney song says, “Everybody wants to go to heaven; nobody wants to go now.”  The challenges we face are in the here and now, and Easter is the bumper sticker on the car-in-front-of-us-of-Life saying, “YES” … there is hope.  If you fear what the future holds, you can always have a fresh start.  If you regret your part in the past, you can always have a fresh start.

Personally, I think it’s just God’s way of being practical.  There’s too much that we have to do here in this particular physical plane that’s part of God’s plan that we won’t really understand until we make the big ol’ transition at the end of this life and get to the next one.

Whatever your particular religious or spiritual practice is great.  But most of us don’t get to be monks and work on that practice 24/7.  Our mission is to live out those principles in our work and family life.  It’s in living our mundane, ordinary lives that we get to express our highest principles.  In other words … going to that job you hate is an expression of what you want your gift to your loved ones and mankind and the universe and God to be.  <Gulp!>

More about THAT soon.  Happy Easter!


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