Do You Read Me? March 31, 2010

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So I’ve been working on the new site, and also on keeping myself open to what I’m hearing from outside of myself. 

I’ve loved working in radio, but it’s time to move on … in part because, I believe, there’s a lot about radio that distracts us from ourselves.  We turn it on for a momentary break from the boredom, or the pain, or the frustration, or the overwhelming-ness of everyday life.

For years, I’ve taken pride in being able to drug you like that.  It’s resulted in great ratings for my employers, allowing our sales people to sell commercials at solid rates.  And listeners would tell me they really enjoyed what we were doing on the air.  That meant a lot.

But I’m just in a different place now.  I admire those who do a good job on the air or behind the scenes in radio.  However, my life has become much more about seeing … listening … and feeling inside me and around me to pick up on what’s REALLY going on … not just covering it up with some pleasantly escapist audio.

My radio friends are gonna hate that I say that.  And, again, I don’t mean to trash them or burn any bridges.  We just get to different points in life where we need to move on.  Over all my adult years, there’ve been times when I distracted myself with drugs … with food … with wine … with overworking … with different forms of drama … with depression and anxiety … and even with religious and spiritual practices. 

Yeah, I didn’t like it when going to church didn’t cause me to be happy.  I dabbled in eastern thought with the idea that I could be interesting and Buddhist enough to have a fun, never-painful life. 

Didn’t work.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that what other people do or say … or who other people are … will ultimately have no long-term impact on ourselves, unless we let them. 

That’s one big reason why I want to start  Ultimately, we come into this world alone, and we go out alone.  I believe we all have a big ol’ spiritual connection to each other … like many religions teach (but not in so many words), we’re immortal spirits hanging around in temporary earth suits … but it’s up to each of us to figure out what that connection is for us. 

We need to take responsibility for our own spirituality. 

That sounds much more like boot camp than it really is.  Yeah, it’s tough to squarely look in the eyes what troubles us or upsets us.  Or scares us.  Or marginalizes us.  But ultimately … it’s liberating.  And so many of us feel trapped.

You might feel trapped.  I’m sorry if you do.  People feel trapped in different ways. 

I’m hoping to encourage all of us to get in touch with our ability to intuit our lives and our purpose by creating a space for those who are already providing that service for folks.  I’m not a psychic, I don’t do astrology charts, and I forget what most tarot cards mean.  But I think there are a lot of ways to “read” others and ourselves … to tap into the energy of our spirit which doesn’t get measured by the five senses we all agree on.

More on that to come.  In the meantime, big ol’ fat blessings on you as we move through what’s a holy week for so many of us.


Testing, testing … is this thing on yet?

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We’re only three months into 2010, and it’s been a wild ride already.  I’m not sure it’s what I would have chosen if life here on Planet Chris went exactly as I had planned, but I’ll take it!

At the end of 2009, I had a major-market radio programming job, doing two radio stations for a large corporation, and my son was working on a pretty good substance abuse problem on top of being self-destructive after being hospitalized for anxiety and depression twice during the fall.  I had started the job in March, but my wife and son and I hadn’t moved together into our new house in Ohio, after moving from Georgia, until around Halloween.  So, it was a very tough, confusing, frustrating time.

The day I got let go from my radio job turned out to be the day my kid decided to get serious about being clean and sober.  And we found a new psychiatrist who understood what was going on with him and got him stabilized on the right medication.  And, and, and … long story short, I lost my gig and I regained my son, and I would do that deal any day of the week.

So here I am, starting a new business.  It’s one that a woman I know in Atlanta gave me a hint of almost two years ago.  And it’s one where I woke up from a dream with the business plan, practically word for word.  On top of that … I don’t remember dreams.  Every few months, I’ll wake up with a flash of whatever it was I was dreaming about, but that’s it.  To wake up in the middle of the night with a full awareness of what I needed to do is … spooky.

“Alternative Energy Practitioners.”  That’s what I’m calling the folks who work to tap into and interpret things beyond what our five senses can pick up … spiritual healers, intuitives, astrologers, psychics, tarot readers, and others in that field.  I’ve known those folks and known people who patronized them.  And I’m building a community for them all.

Being online opens up all sorts of possibilities.  If you’re looking for a reading of one sort or another, often you don’t need to be in the same place at the same time with the person you’re working with.  But there’s no great place to look for alternative energy practitioners.  Also, those practitioners are usually not the best at marketing themselves!

I believe that we can all live lives that are more satisfying and fun if we take more responsibility for our spiritual health.  Emphasis on the “fun,” because we can do it together.  In later posts, I’ll go into more about what this business is going to be like to work with … both as a practitioner, and as someone just interested in the subject.